Kevin the maintenance worker

Submitted by Kevin, the college student and maintenance worker (and excellent tennis player!), who like all of the club staff was recently laid off by the club owners on short notice. Kevin sent in this this testimonial from his parent’s house, where he now lives:

1) the club is a place where putting a smile on a members face is an important part of the day. i love coming to the club and opening in the morning, knowing that i can make a difference to someone’s day. while working i enjoy seeing the members coming to play tennis and it always brings a smile to my face when they play.

2) the loss feels like a small community has been taken from me. It has always been a fun place and i enjoyed being there. when mission hills was closed, a part of me was taken away. the club has always been a family place where the members can spend quality time together and have a good quality workout.

3) in terms of the condition of the club, i describe the place as being poorly maintained. even though there are cracks on the ceiling and deteriorating ceiling covers, there was no one coming in to fix it. it could have been a big problem if there was more rain because it could have collapsed. i did my best by sweeping the water off the ceiling so that the ceiling would not soak up the water. also there could be new paint applied to the building because the color is getting dull. the wood on the deck is getting rotten and has not been fixed.

4) i would like to see the club being remodeled by painting the building, putting in new carpet, and fixing the decks. It doesn’t have to be torn down —  but keep the building and actually remodel the building. also the club should continue to be part of the community because mission hills club is not just recreation but a second home to a lot of the members.

Kevin C.
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A Kimber Park resident and nature lover dedicated to the protection and preservation of the Kimber Park open space and neighborhood recreational facility. A hyper-aggressive developer has cyclone fenced a 60-year old Redwood forest and natural area and now holds it hostage in the center of a planned community, even though the property is zoned open space. After surrounding the community's open space with a cyclone fence, they are now trying to negotiate how many homes to build. Hard to believe but true. See also for more information.

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