Turkeys locked out for Thanksgiving


Wild Turkeys strut their stuff the day before Thanksgiving

On Wednesday morning, November 23rd, the day before Thanksgiving, the local wild turkeys were strutting their stuff across Canyon Heights Blvd from the club.

Apparently confounded by the cyclone fence now surrounding the Kimber Park Open Space, they put on a display in the limited space in front of Art Kimber’s property.

Here they are in action:

Shown below is a view of the Open Space that is normally available to the turkeys. The rolling meadow is the perfect habitat for the turkeys to use as they perform their displays and interact socially.

The fence, which the City had requested be modified or removed immediately in their letter to the owner dated November 10th, 2011, remains up. The impact on the future of the resident deer and turkeys remains to be seen.

In any case the turkeys were not brave enough to show up on Thanksgiving day itself, but can you blame them?

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About moderator

A Kimber Park resident and nature lover dedicated to the protection and preservation of the Kimber Park open space and neighborhood recreational facility. A hyper-aggressive developer has cyclone fenced a 60-year old Redwood forest and natural area and now holds it hostage in the center of a planned community, even though the property is zoned open space. After surrounding the community's open space with a cyclone fence, they are now trying to negotiate how many homes to build. Hard to believe but true. See also savekimberpark.com for more information.

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