Who remembers…

Who remembers when:

  1. There was a baby pool by court 7
  2. Court 7 was a sand court
  3. There was a lake back where the outer courts are
  4. There was a fireplace in where the exercise machines now stand
  5. The kitchen had an oven
  6. We had club pros such as Barry Gilbert, Kevin Pope, and Ken DeHart
  7. We had social team tennis in the spring AND in the fall with Kimber Park sweatshirts
  8. Jackie Dias cooked for the ladies luncheon every December after the tennis round robin
  9. The land was a chicken farm
  10. The Betsy Gravett tournament was a huge fundraising success

If you can remember most of the above…then you’ve been around a long, long time!  Back then, there was so much going on and the club was thriving.  Young couples could play tennis because there was a babysitter on the premises.  The club pros taught groups of newbies so the number of USTA teams grew every year.  People were encouraged to “try out” the club facilities so hopefully they would join the club.  We had social events and tennis tournaments.  Friendships were established.

Now, who can remember when:

  1. The tennis courts weren’t cracked
  2. The hot tub worked
  3. There WAS a babysitter
  4. The exercise equipment all worked
  5. The roof didn’t leak
  6. You received an invoice and a newsletter in the mail
  7. The deck had boards that were even
  8. The club provided cups on the courts for water
  9. The club sold t-shirts and sweatshirts with the club logo
  10. It was hard to find parking on a Tuesday night

If you can remember even some of the items from this list, then you really have noticed the deterioration of the club in the last several years.   The club CAN be restored and made to thrive once again, but it will take time and a unified effort.  If you aren’t already a member of the Save Kimber Park group, it’s not too late to join.

Plan to attend the City Council meeting on Tuesday, December 6 at 7:00 at 3300 Capitol Ave. Building A.   Help us save the open space of Kimber Park from developers.


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About moderator

A Kimber Park resident and nature lover dedicated to the protection and preservation of the Kimber Park open space and neighborhood recreational facility. A hyper-aggressive developer has cyclone fenced a 60-year old Redwood forest and natural area and now holds it hostage in the center of a planned community, even though the property is zoned open space. After surrounding the community's open space with a cyclone fence, they are now trying to negotiate how many homes to build. Hard to believe but true. See also savekimberpark.com for more information.

3 thoughts on “Who remembers…

  1. I remember all of the second half things, but only a couple of the first half. : ( The club was so awesome back then and I know that it can be again when it’s run by someone who cares!

  2. Very touching commentary. We remember those times too. Lets hope our community efforts can lead to an outcome where the club can prosper again.

  3. Remember when the current court 7 was actually FOUR platform tennis courts (the Kimber Woods Club team won the “Bay Area Platform Tennis League” championship), when previous owner Emiko Templeman added six courts (Coach Wayne Bryan and his sons, “The Bryan Brothers,” came to help dedicate the new courts), when Edwin Carter, who ran the club for a few years (he replaced the four platform tennis courts with “Omni-Court surfaced court seven; he was also on Fremont’s Planning Commission) vainly proposed (about $400K worth) building condos on the upper portion of the property? Remember (more recently, about seven-plus years ago) when current owner Sheena Chang grossly overpaid for the club/property and we almost immediately saw evidence of the property having been surveyed? It didn’t take a rocket scientist to predict what might “develop.” She was subsequently invisible and non-responsive to club members and the community and the facility and property quality steadily declined. What a sham!

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