Roundup of recent SKP press coverage

This is a brief roundup of recent newspaper articles that have covered Save Kimber Park.  First up, the San Jose Mercury News reported about the December 13th city council meeting.  This city council meeting was to approve the general plan, though the amendment for Kimber Park was brought up again:

The Mercury news also reported on the December 6th city council meeting, where about 300 Save Kimber Park supporters showed up to voice support for the general plan amendment:

That meeting was also covered in the Tri City Beat:

And, there were 2 interesting editorials in the Tri City Voice:

As well as a few letters to the editor (also in the Tri-City Voice):

Turkeys locked out for Thanksgiving


Wild Turkeys strut their stuff the day before Thanksgiving

On Wednesday morning, November 23rd, the day before Thanksgiving, the local wild turkeys were strutting their stuff across Canyon Heights Blvd from the club.

Apparently confounded by the cyclone fence now surrounding the Kimber Park Open Space, they put on a display in the limited space in front of Art Kimber’s property.

Here they are in action:

Shown below is a view of the Open Space that is normally available to the turkeys. The rolling meadow is the perfect habitat for the turkeys to use as they perform their displays and interact socially.

The fence, which the City had requested be modified or removed immediately in their letter to the owner dated November 10th, 2011, remains up. The impact on the future of the resident deer and turkeys remains to be seen.

In any case the turkeys were not brave enough to show up on Thanksgiving day itself, but can you blame them?

The actual Mission Hills Tennis Club business deal is not what the owner is claiming

In 1976, an agreement was made between the City of Fremont, Shapell Homes, Kimber Park Associates and the homeowners in Kimber Park. This agreement zoned the land where Mission Hills Tennis Club resides, as Private Open Space, with the exception of a recreational facility and/or restaurant.

The result was a wonderful tennis and recreational facility that has benefited not only the Kimber Park residents, but all of Fremont and surrounding communities.

The current owner Sheena Chang and a developer, Steve Saray of Civitaf Corp. seek to overturn the 1976 zoning. We hope that the City Council of Fremont will uphold the 1976 zoning of the land, and not give into these greedy land developers.

From the Kimber Park Sales Brochure:
“Additionally, exceptional planning extends beyond your front door into the total community environment. Kimber Park homes are centered about a 12.7 acre park with a beautiful tree-lined lake next to which a private racquet/swim club is being developed”

Here’s a scan of the development, from the original brochure:

Redwoods, not houses

Original Kimber Park Sales Brochure

This is what the community bought; Sheena Chang purchased Private Open Space.

This is an important moment for the City Council, whether they uphold the agreements made when this development was built or override them for the profit of new developers. It is clear; this property was intended as private open space. The outcome of this decision is a wakeup call for all of us with regard to city politics. Will the City Council members honor agreements, preserve community integrity, or give in to greedy developers?

Attend the Dec. 6th City council Meeting, let the city see your support for preserving this open space.

Laura Fleming