Are the deer trapped?

It appears as if at least three deer, two mature does and one immature deer are living on the Kimber Park open space, now behind a 6 foot high cyclone fence. These look to be the same deer that regularly came out at twilight when the club was open. It is also very probable that the immature deer is the one photographed earlier this year in July being nursed by its mother.

Here’s the fawn and it’s mother from July 20th of 2011.

Kimber Park native

Fawn feeds from its mother on the Kimber Park Open Space









Here’s some video of the deer taken the night a stroller first spotted them:

The question was, were they somehow coming and going from the property or were they staying behind the fence? I’ve been looking for deer tracks at likely places in the soil outside of the fence but never found any. Working off a hunch, I went over very early in the morning of November 28th, 2011. Here’s what I saw:

Brush pile

Brush pile on the Kimber Park Open Space








OK, I couldn’t resist, but you have to look very closely. Here’s a closeup of the same picture:


Hidden Deer

A deer is hidden in the brush pile








If you look closely you can see the deer creeping out of the heavy brush pile behind the trees on the old pond bed. They then came up the slope and were wary enough to focus on the click of my camera’s shutter, as shown here.


Mule deer react to the sound of the camera shutter

Three wild mule deer on the Kimber Park Open Space









The blur in the foreground is the top of the cyclone fence. This is the same fence that is shown in the Turkey post.

Apparently wildlife control says everything is fine. They report that the deer can escape. I am personally very concerned. While the adults may survive a jump over the fence, I hope they choose wisely and don’t injure themselves on the many hazards possible from such an attempt. I am also doubtful that the juvenile can jump the fence while still immature. Wildlife control says it could find one of the gaps and be able to crawl underneath the fence if the adults flee.

For the time being we can enjoy them at our leisure, as they seem to be staying. Hopefully the winter rains and plentiful morning dew will give them enough water.

Help us keep an eye on the deer and make sure that they are doing well.

Turkeys locked out for Thanksgiving


Wild Turkeys strut their stuff the day before Thanksgiving

On Wednesday morning, November 23rd, the day before Thanksgiving, the local wild turkeys were strutting their stuff across Canyon Heights Blvd from the club.

Apparently confounded by the cyclone fence now surrounding the Kimber Park Open Space, they put on a display in the limited space in front of Art Kimber’s property.

Here they are in action:

Shown below is a view of the Open Space that is normally available to the turkeys. The rolling meadow is the perfect habitat for the turkeys to use as they perform their displays and interact socially.

The fence, which the City had requested be modified or removed immediately in their letter to the owner dated November 10th, 2011, remains up. The impact on the future of the resident deer and turkeys remains to be seen.

In any case the turkeys were not brave enough to show up on Thanksgiving day itself, but can you blame them?