Red-Shouldered Hawk Breeding Pair

I couldn’t let Valentine’s Day pass without getting the word out that a pair of Red-Shouldered Hawks have now established the Kimber Park Open Space as their breeding territory! They have been observed mating, feeding and patrolling on the Kimber Park Open Space property for several weeks now.

The pair, dubbed Conan and Scarlet, maintain a constant presence. They are extremely vocal and very beautiful.

Here’s a picture of the pair, taken while they were nestling together in a tree on the Kimber Park property today, Valentine’s Day, 2012:


Conan and Scarlet

A Breeding Pair of Red-Shouldered Hawks on the Kimber Park Open Space

The Red-Shouldered Hawk is thought of as the most beautiful of all of the Northern California native hawks. They are extremely adaptable and will feed on a wide variety of prey. They prefer to sit in a tree or other roost over a hunting area, swooping down when the  prey shows itself. The are typically very vocal, and this is especially true of the pair on the Kimber Park property of late.

To listen to the Red-Shouldered Hawk call try the audio player below:

Do you have anything interesting to share about the Red-Shouldered Hawks? Please leave a comment below and let us know.


Marty the Barn Owl

Yet another raptor is discovered that resides on the Kimber Park Open Space!

Laura’s son Martin noticed a Barn Owl that lives on the Kimber Park Open Space while visiting over the Holidays.

We’ve agreed to call him Marty, after his discoverer. We don’t know yet if Marty is male or female, but I’m assuming its a he for now.

Here’s a picture of Marty, taken while he was roosting on the Kimber Park property during the day:


Marty the Barn Owl roosting on the Kimber Park Open Space

The Barn Owl is a medium to large native owl with a face I am sure you will agree is almost alien. I have seen one (probably Marty) calling and flying high over the Kimber Park Open Space by the light of the moon. With white undersides and an absolutely silent flight he looked very ghostly while aloft. I have also seen Marty flying into the short grass, probably feeding, just past dusk, among the native oaks at the east end of the Open Space.

To listen to the Barn Owl call try the audio player below:

Have you heard Marty (or his kin) while walking about Kimber Park? Please leave a comment below and tell us about it.


Roundup of recent SKP press coverage

This is a brief roundup of recent newspaper articles that have covered Save Kimber Park.  First up, the San Jose Mercury News reported about the December 13th city council meeting.  This city council meeting was to approve the general plan, though the amendment for Kimber Park was brought up again:

The Mercury news also reported on the December 6th city council meeting, where about 300 Save Kimber Park supporters showed up to voice support for the general plan amendment:

That meeting was also covered in the Tri City Beat:

And, there were 2 interesting editorials in the Tri City Voice:

As well as a few letters to the editor (also in the Tri-City Voice):

Who remembers…

Who remembers when:

  1. There was a baby pool by court 7
  2. Court 7 was a sand court
  3. There was a lake back where the outer courts are
  4. There was a fireplace in where the exercise machines now stand
  5. The kitchen had an oven
  6. We had club pros such as Barry Gilbert, Kevin Pope, and Ken DeHart
  7. We had social team tennis in the spring AND in the fall with Kimber Park sweatshirts
  8. Jackie Dias cooked for the ladies luncheon every December after the tennis round robin
  9. The land was a chicken farm
  10. The Betsy Gravett tournament was a huge fundraising success

If you can remember most of the above…then you’ve been around a long, long time!  Back then, there was so much going on and the club was thriving.  Young couples could play tennis because there was a babysitter on the premises.  The club pros taught groups of newbies so the number of USTA teams grew every year.  People were encouraged to “try out” the club facilities so hopefully they would join the club.  We had social events and tennis tournaments.  Friendships were established.

Now, who can remember when:

  1. The tennis courts weren’t cracked
  2. The hot tub worked
  3. There WAS a babysitter
  4. The exercise equipment all worked
  5. The roof didn’t leak
  6. You received an invoice and a newsletter in the mail
  7. The deck had boards that were even
  8. The club provided cups on the courts for water
  9. The club sold t-shirts and sweatshirts with the club logo
  10. It was hard to find parking on a Tuesday night

If you can remember even some of the items from this list, then you really have noticed the deterioration of the club in the last several years.   The club CAN be restored and made to thrive once again, but it will take time and a unified effort.  If you aren’t already a member of the Save Kimber Park group, it’s not too late to join.

Plan to attend the City Council meeting on Tuesday, December 6 at 7:00 at 3300 Capitol Ave. Building A.   Help us save the open space of Kimber Park from developers.